Required for all coursework

In advance of your submission, please:

Complete the following details and include as the first page of your submission;

Read the Turnitin section and check that you understand how Turnitin is used to assess your work;

Read the declaration to check that your submission conforms with the listed requirements before you submit your work.

Name(s) and Student Number(s):
Module Title:
Title of Coursework:
Word Count (see declaration below):
Required Format

Font: Verdana

Points: 10

Paragraph line spacing: 1.5

Page Numbers: Included

Turnitin Similarity Check

Where appropriate to the coursework assignment, your document will be submitted to Turnitin to generate a similarity report for review by your tutor. This report will compare your work against millions of previously submitted student papers and online resources (e.g. web sites, journal articles) in the Turnitin database and highlight any text that matches your submission.


By submitting your work you are certifying that:

The submission is the result of your own work and does not contravene the University Regulation on Academic Irregularities.

The word count included on this cover sheet is accurate and follows the guidelines outlined in the assignment brief (failure to include an accurate word count will be treated as a minor academic irregularity as defined in the Academic Irregularities Policy.)

Your ability to complete your assessment has NOT been adversely impacted by circumstances beyond your control.

Once you have submitted your work, any such circumstances would need to be disclosed through the Academic Appeals Policy and process and not through the Notification of Extenuating Circumstances Policy and process.





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