Explain the use of juxtaposition in “The Death of the Moth.”

1. Choose one of these texts and write an essay selecting from the following guiding questions from
Broadview Press.
“The Death of the Moth” by Virginia Woolf
What are the stages of the moth’s life, according to this essay?
Describe Woolf’s use of irony in this essay.
Explain the use of juxtaposition in “The Death of the Moth.” What effect does this have on
the reader?
“Shooting an Elephant” by George Orwell
Orwell uses an autobiographical story in order to make a political claim. How does he
accomplish this?
What is Orwell arguing about the nature of imperialism?
Orwell describes the death of the elephant in vivid detail. How does this graphic
description of violence affect the impact of the essay?
-please use the academic source more than once to support your ideas
-please do not include subtitles.


  • What do you think about the content of the newsletter?
  • Discuss and analyze some aspect of the “Veto Message Regarding the Bank of the U.S.”
  • Explain why Marx and Engels consider the industrial proletariat the only revolutionary class?
  • Identify the key leaders, states, and non-state actors involved.
  • What requirements do you think should be implimented for statewide, or nationwide, educational requirements?
  • Explain the accuracies and inaccuracies of the movie.
  • Discuss the depiction of selfishness in children and/or adults in the texts you have chosen; you may wish to discuss the reasons for selfish behavior, the social rules that determine when/if its acceptable to be selfish, and/or the effects of selfishness on a childs development and relationships.
  • Explain the use of juxtaposition in “The Death of the Moth.”
  • # 1 Do you agree or disagree with the authors thesis?
  • In what ways does Alison and her family, particularly her parents, deal with discomfort?

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