Health Research Methods Lab Activity

Assignment Task


The total marks for this lab Activity will be 45 and they will be allocated across the following areas:

  • data normality 
  • descriptive statistics 
  • inferential statistics 

Note: As there are no marks provided for the level of presentation, it is not imperative that you make this look to pretty. We are primarily assessing your understanding of the statistical tests and their interpretation. So, if there some aspects of the presentation that you’re not 100% happy with e.g. some page breaks that involve considerable blank space or tables that don’t span the whole width of the document, don’t spend too much time trying practice. However, please remember that we still need to be able to identify your responses to each question easily (so please ensure there are some blank line spaces between each question) as if it is difficult to identify your responses to each question, your grades will be negatively affected.

Data normality

Provide a summary in table format of the skewness and kurtosis of at least 4 dependent variables for each level of the independent variable. Note: if you select a dataset that involves a large number of levels of the independent variable, you only need to report the skewness and kurtosis for one of these dependent variables. (2 marks)Provide a histogram, density plot and box plot for 1 of these dependent variables. Note: if there are multiple levels of an independent variable e.g. males and females, make sure you have presented these plots for each of these. What do the skewness and kurtosis values as well as the histogram and density plots tell you about whether each of these dependent variables are likely to be normally distributed? If you had a skewness value of -2.6 and akurtosis value of 0.5, what would that tell you about the shape of the distribution?You may also use a Shapiro-Wilk test for determining the normality of your data. How would you interpret p = 0.02 for a Shapiro-Wilk test? With respect to your box plot, what values may represent the median and interquartile ranges for one of your subgroups? How may you use this picture to determine if there any individual data points for this dependent variable that may be considered outliers? (2 marks)

Descriptive statistics

Provide a summary in table format including the MOST APPROPRIATE measures of centrality and dispersion as well as the number of participants in the sample and any participants with missing data for the different levels of the independent variable for four (4) dependent variables. Note: if you would like to have selected different measures of centrality and dispersion for some of these dependent variables, but were unable due to the manner in which Jamovi outputs these in one table, please describe the rationale in the following question. (3 marks)Provide a rationale for why you selected these measures of centrality and dispersion for your dataset. Note: in your answer, make sure you refer to the results of your normality assessments as well as the type of data these analyses involved. (2 marks)Provide a summary in table format of the quartiles for the dependent variables. (2 marks)If you were a primary school teacher trying to explain to parents how their child compares to other children within the same grade in Australia, how might you use quartiles in this discussion? What would it mean if the child’s scores are at the 75th percentile for English, 50th percentile for Mathematics and 25th percentile for Physical Education. Which of these three subjects does the child need to most improve?

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