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You are a trainee solicitor with a medium size law firm, Moran, Talbot & Fox LLP, based in Leeds. Your mentor, Megan Talbot, who is also one of the partners, has just had a meeting with one of the firm’s associates regarding some potential irregularities that have been identified in client files and use of the firm’s client account. In the light of the fact that you have a more up-to-date understanding of the SRA’s professional requirements, she asks you to provide her with a confidential report highlighting the following points with regards to Henry: • Any possible statutory and professional regulatory provision(s) applicable to the situation • The possible classification of Henry’s actions under both statutory and regulatory provisions • The processes and procedures that Henry may be subject to in relation to the classification of his actions Megan emphasises the fact that this is to be kept strictly confidential and that you must only communicate with her on this matter. The meeting notes with which she provides you contain the following information: The associate’s name is Henry Lynch. He qualified four (4) years ago and has been with the firm since leaving law school. To date there have been no complaints or concerns about his work. Since qualifying, Henry has built up a client portfolio which includes a long standing client called Carlos Begby. Carlos has an import/export business based in Leeds that has a distribution centre in the Republic of Colombia. There are rumours that Carlos is related to the Vice President of Colombia but he has not enquired too deeply for fear of losing Carlos as a client. Recently, Henry has assisted Carlos in his proposed purchase of three (3) storage units next to the canal in Leeds. They are high value purchases because of their prime location and Carlos is funding these purchases with assistance from his business partners Mr Khalli who lives in London. All three (3) purchases are cash buys and require no mortgage or external loans. Four (4) months ago, Carlos introduced Henry to Mr Khalli at a meeting in London and referred to him as his business partner. Carlos mentioned that Mr Khalli has recently expatriated from Colombia and is keen to expand his business interests in the UK. As such, he wishes to purchase the ‘Atomic Casino’ which is based in central London and asks whether Henry would be able to assist him with this. Due to his recent move to the UK, Mr Khalli didn’t present any documents or passport but promised to do so as soon as his cases arrived from the delivery company. In the meantime, Carlos “vouched 100%” for his colleague and assured Henry that he was a “good guy”. 

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