Peer Evaluation by rosalind

Discussion 8 | Peer Evaluation

Respond to your peers by reviewing their paper and answering the following questions.
What are at least two strengths of their work?
What are the two areas of potential improvement? Please remember to be respectful while also encouraging continuous improvement in your colleagues.
Response to peers: Minimum 200 words


  • What carefully considered steps can you take to apply this new knowledge personally and professionally? How might this new knowledge inform your perceptions and activities in a way that improves your instructional design and supports your diverse learnerscurriculum and pedagogy that includes assessment? What can you DO with what youve learned?
  • Leadership and Managing
  • Literary analysis on Girl by Jamaica Kincaid
  • Organic foods/Natural supplements
  • Which component of compensation is most essential to motivate executives to lead companies toward competitive advantage? Discuss your rationale. Please use two articles from SHRM website.
  • What is wrong with America’s Healthcare System
  • Peer Evaluation by rosalind
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Would Government Intervention be Helpful in a Classic Market Failure Faced by Colleges as a result of the Pandemic ?
  • PTSD Amoung the Youth-Culture Views

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