Social and Familial Relationships in Selected Novels by Jennifer Johnston

The aim of the study is to offer a sociological analysis of Irish relationships as presented in Jennifer Johnstons selected novels.

1-The study should be conducted according to MLA 8th edition.
2-The study should be around 200 pages, it may be up to 250 if really needed: the one chapter should be around 50 pages, three chapters around 150 pages, conclusion around 20 pages and the introduction around 30 pages.
3-The writer must choose a school from the sociological approach that can be applicable on the selected novels.
4-While analyzing the subject matter using the theory, the writer must refer to the novels being big house novels, telling about their big house characteristics and so on. Provide evidence whether or not these are Big House novels.
5- References must be books, published articles and dissertations. Online articles may be used if belong to well known and well established organizations such as universities and journals
Please find attached handout for more detailed.


  • Social and Familial Relationships in Selected Novels by Jennifer Johnston
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