Texas Judiciary

A power point or goggle slide presentation of at least 12 slides.

Slide 1: slide 1 should include your title, name, class, section, and semester information.

Slide 2: slide 2 should present the issue you are discussing /the question you are answering.

Slide 3-11: The remaining slides should be information about the topic. Slides should be well written (paragraphs or bullet points), proofread, can include images and graphs, and should include citations. You may use any citation format that you would like to choose.

Slide 12: The final slide and your works cited slide.


  • “Who Framed Roger Rabit?” – 1988 (via Disney+)
  • Obesity and Trends
  • Volkswagen case study
  • Analyze the disciplinary content in its own context and in relationship to the issues, questions, and positions of other disciplines.
  • Museum of the Earth
  • Difficulties in Enforcing the New York Convention (NYC) IN Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Member Nations
  • Texas Judiciary
  • How does emotion affect body language? Provide examples from the video and information from Chapter 8 to support your response.
  • Wal-Mart: But We Do Give Them a 10% Employee Discount
  • How is the technology currently being used in todays products and services?

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