Vulnerability Assessment

Assignment 1: Apply Vulnerability Assessment
Attached Files:
Assignment 1 Vulnerability Assessment Template.docx Assignment 1 Vulnerability Assessment Template.docx – Alternative Formats (37.283 KB)
CPTEP Site Survey Presentation.pdf CPTEP Site Survey Presentation.pdf – Alternative Formats (7.82 MB)
CPTED-Audit-Checklist.pdf CPTED-Audit-Checklist.pdf – Alternative Formats (334.755 KB)
CPTED-Guidebook.pdf CPTED-Guidebook.pdf – Alternative Formats (1.282 MB)
CPTED Security Handbook.pdf CPTED Security Handbook.pdf – Alternative Formats (1.082 MB)
Topic: Perform a Vulnerability Assessment of your place of employment or living area. If you use your work area make sure you inform the Security Manager to get permission as to what you are doing. If you live in a gated community inform the security guard of your activities.
Instructions: Please download the Assignment 1 Vulnerability Assessment template (MS Word), which is already in APA 7 format, using size 12 Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, TOC, Headings and Reference page. If you insert images or tables in your report make sure you label them appropriately according to APA. (click here for link).
For this assignment:The 4 Heading-1s are required. Each Heading-1 must have at least 3 Heading-2s. Each Heading must have at least 2 properly formatted paragraphs with 3 properly formatted sentences each. Once completed name your file: YourName_Assignment_1_Vulnerability_Assessment.docx and submit to this dropbox.
Review Risk Management Series Reference Manual from FEMA and the additional files attached for more information.


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