What changes do the embryo and fetus undergo during each trimester?

Before completing this task, please first watch In the Womb (2005, National Geographic, 100 min.). Making use of striking 3-D and 4-D ultrasound imagery, this documentary opens a window into the delicate, dark world of the fetus, exploring each trimester of pregnancy in great detail, including a view of a fetoscope operation performed in utero to correct life-threatening complications before birth.

Based on the knowledge from the movie, create a pamphlet (text only, no longer than 600 words, 12-point Times New Roman font, double spaced) detailing the process of pregnancy and childbirth for expectant fathers. For example, what changes can the father expect in his partner? What changes do the embryo and fetus undergo during each trimester? Why is nutrition so important during pregnancy? What will the newborn look like? How stress influences the embryo and fetus? How can he support the mother during pregnancy and childbirth? Why is social support important for both mother and baby?


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  • What changes do the embryo and fetus undergo during each trimester?
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