What changes do you think might happen in the next 1020 years?

Changes in the treatment of people with abnormal behavior have coincided with social change and medical understanding. What changes do you think might happen in the next 1020 years?

How might technological advances inform or shift the current understanding of abnormality?

Will the laws and ethics of today still apply in 10-20 years, or will new standards need to be set in place?

What type of training or education do you think mental health practitioners will need in order to be effective helpers? Do you think this will need to change? Why or why not?


  • Describe patients rights, the civil commitment laws and the clinicians duty to warn.
  • Explain your content using terminology and concepts introduced in this module.
  • Identify the unique features of the rhetorical situation for a communication artifact: communicator, audience, message Identify rhetorical appeals including those based on credibility and trust (ethos), logic and evidence (logos), and emotion and empathy (pathos).
  • What changes do you think might happen in the next 1020 years?
  • Write a research on how smaller sites or implementing 45001 compared to larger sites and what do those implementations look like?
  • Describe one patient care scenario where a safety or quality issue is apparent.
  • What surgins and cyber security people are you including in the Delphi approach?
  • What did you learn from creating and tracking a portfolio?
  • What Everyone Should Know about Wealth and Prosperity , 2016).
  • Describe the business, Business analysis/Strategy, competitor analysis, operating plan, mangement team(Myself).

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