What Makes Adolescents More Likely to Abuse Substances.

Your initial paper was chosen because this was a topic you liked. Your goal in this assignment is to re-write this paper with a position lens.
There is a good outline of what makes a position paper on the following pages.
Your new paper should include: 1. Current research, 2. New findings, 3. And strong argument about why you are taking this position (this can absolutely include your opinion, as long as you back this up with research).
Your paper should be double-spaced, Times New Roman (yuck). Please include a title page, five clearly argued pages, and a reference section. The entire paper should be in APA format. Any statement of fact (says who?) must be cited.
IF you have a need to cite yourself, you can XXXXXX your name so that you are not identified as the author as your assignment moves forward.
No more than 35% of your initial paper can be duplicated into this next version of your paper. This will be checked through TurnItIn. You are not turning in the same paper twice. You are making a newer, stronger argument for a position.
You must find 10 new sources not used in your Part 1 paper.


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  • What Makes Adolescents More Likely to Abuse Substances.

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