Stakeholder management in IT projects: Management in this context includes stakeholder communications.

Stakeholder management in IT projects: Stakeholders are people or groups who can influence,
or be impacted by, an IT project. One of the most important tasks of any modern project manager is
managing relationships with the key stakeholders. In this research you will study stakeholder
management in a real IT project from your own experience. For example, you could evaluate
stakeholder management in a project that has recently completed. Or you could study a future
project, assess the stakeholder management challenges, and create a plan for dealing with them.
Management in this context includes stakeholder communications, and the biggest part of
successful stakeholder management is good communications.

Assessment Details:

Plan and write a fully referenced project report using a scholarly style of structured

You will carry out your project and produce a final report which should consist (at least) of the
following elements:
Table of Contents
Completed Student Declaration Form
Introduction of the research project
Comprehensive literature review
Research methodology
Data collected and results obtained

Analysis of results. (If you have produced a program – then test cases, results and
product documentation)
Critical evaluation of results (including comparison with other relevant projects or
Conclusions and recommendations
Other Appendices: Copy of project proposal form, project progress sheets, example
questionnaire, designs, test plans and results, tabulated or formatted data, project
management plan e.g. Gantt chart.


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  • Stakeholder management in IT projects: Management in this context includes stakeholder communications.
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