School of Arts, Design, Architecture:

Quantity Surveying and Construction BSc (Hons)

ARCH2077: Methods of Measurement

Module Guide



Building on Level 4 studies this module will cover the measurement and quantification of items

of building works, to gain a practical understanding of how construction costs can be

controlled at the pre-contract, contract and post contract stages, and how the principle of

life- cycle costing works. You will study the appropriate software used by the profession and

its relationship to BIM methodologies to give practical experience in the use of the technology


The module is expected to develop your abilities in incorporating the key aspects in the

practices of Quantity Surveying, including measurement and quantification of items of building

works. The module provide learners with skills and knowledge in develop their understanding of

the underpinning concepts, process and techniques that support the effective management

of cost during pre-contract/ tender stages of a project. The module also aims to develop skills

through documenting findings in a recognised format using conventional and computerised

approaches such as BIM and Cost X or similar that meet set standards in the AEC industry.

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Learning Outcomes

You will be assessed against the Module’s learning outcomes; the tasks/

assignments required to complete this module map onto the learning

outcomes. If you successfully complete the tasks/ assignments, you will

achieve the learning outcomes and pass the Module. The learning outcomes

are as follows:

1) Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of quantification and

standard methods of measurement

2) Demonstrate a knowledge of the main sources of information relating to

cost and the management of expenditure at the various contract stages

3) Demonstrate knowledge of traditional taking off of quantities and

methodologies of cost advice including general tender documentation

and bills of quantity

4) Demonstrate an understanding of the new software available for

quantification including Cost X

5) Be able to document and produce reports of clear cost advice, working

independently and as part of the professional construction team

The learning outcomes are the criteria you are being assessed against; you

have to demonstrate you have met all learning outcomes to succeed in this


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Assignments, submissions, and assessment

The Module requires students to complete and submit two Assignments (module


Assignment Brief 1

Task 1

A contracting company (Totally Construct Ltd) based in

Leicester has received an invitation to tender for a proposed

development of a private estate of 3000 flats. The company

intends to subcontract the construction of the flyover using

‘design and build’ procurement method.

Task: You are a Chartered Quantity Surveyor working for

Totally Construct Ltd. You are required to advise the

company’s top management by clearly identifying and


a) the procedure for tender preparation including key

phases, relevant timelines, and activities to be


b) the key documents needed for the tendering process and

their functions;

c) the team of professionals to be involved in the tender

preparation and their roles in improving the chances of

tender success.

Task 2 You have been provided with the following drawings and information:

A drawing “Fig 1” showing plan of a double wall fencing and

drawing “Fig 2” showing the section for the foundation.

You are required to undertake the following tasks and prepare

relevant documentation in relation to the

following tasks for submission as a report to the client’s

representative. All measurement works to

produce the Bill of Quantities should be in accordance with New

Rules of Measurement 2 (NRM 2).

a) Take-off all necessary items required for the

construction of the fence

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b) Produce a Bill of Quantities for Task 2a

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Task 1a Accurate and coherent appraisal of the tender

preparation process and activities to be undertaken.

Must be applied to the scenario. To include a flow chart

of the process and relevant



Task 1b Accurate and coherent appraisal of the key

documents to be produced and their functions. These

must be suitably justified.


Task 1c Accurate and coherent appraisal of the composition of

the tender preparation team and their roles. Must be

suitably justified.


Task 2 a Correct Take off List and layout, waste calculations and

quantities, booking and descriptions 25%

Task 2 b Correct Bill layout and headings, quantities, Description and booking


Total 100%

Assignment Brief 2

Drawing Figure 1 show the site and pile foundation layout of a land to be developed at

10 Bridge Road, Leicester, LE7 9SE. The site is currently enclosed around the perimeter by

Bridge road, Queensway, a 2m high brick fence with concrete posts, and a small stream.

The layout shows site dimensions obtained and recorded on site. Three chain lines record

the offset dimensions as follows:

• Chain line A-D is 50 m long with offsets recorded every 10m parallel to the Bridge


• Chain line D-C is 60 m long with offsets recorded every 10m parallel to the fence;

• Chain line B-C is 50 m long with offsets recorded which is parallel to the stream.

The layout also shows the location of the Piles to be constructed on-site and the section

details for each pile is provided in drawing Figure 2

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Task 1 a) Take-off all necessary items required for the construction of the piling and pile caps including all necessary work items

for the complete works

b) Produce a Bill of Quantities for Task 1a

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Task 2

a) Another distinct function of the Quantity Surveyor is

measurement and quantification. Use the details in drawing

Figure 1 to calculate:

i) Area for Chain line A-D;

ii) Area for Chain line D-C

iii) Area for Chain line B-C

iv) Area ABCD

v) The total land area of the entire site

Use the most accurate method/formulae for your calculations.

Clearly label, detail, and justify the mathematical formulae you

have used within your area calculation(s), including full layout/

diagrams presented so logic and calculations can be clearly

followed and understood.

b) Determine a revised rate resulting from an Architect

Instruction that gave rise to a variation in the

groundwork items to which the contractor’s QS is

claiming for a new revised rate. The contractor inserted

a rate of £25/m2 for formwork to a retaining wall. The

quantity was 400m2 based on 10 bays 10m long x 4m

high. A variation order was issued reducing the

basement concrete wall to 6 bays after the shutter had

been ordered BUT before work commenced on site.

Determine the revised rate for the varied work. Allow

14% for profit and head office overheads. The

contractor has informed the QS that the pricing they

allowed for a purpose-built steel shutter 10m x 4m is at

a capital cost of £6500.


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1500mm diameter Bored cast in place concrete pile. Concrete grade (30) 12 max aggregate.

Pile cast to 149.500 level.


6 Nr 20mm diameter (2.466 kg/m) mild steel bars.10mm diameter (0.616 kg/m) binding

circular stirrups at 200mm centres from the bottom of the pile to 149.800 level.Allow

50mm for overlap in stirrups and allow 40mm for concrete cover.


Drawing ref: Figure 2

Date: September, 2021

Drawn: LIO

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Marking Criteria


Task 1 – Word processed Take-off and Bill of Quantities produced using NRM 2

a) Correct Take off List and layout, waste calculations and quantities, booking and descriptions


b) Correct Bill layout and headings, quantities, Description and booking 20%

Task 2 – Quantification of total land area for site development

a) Correct individual and the total area of the site showing

appropriate mathematical formulae and justification of use,

logical layout, well- labelled diagram and detailed working for

each task (i-v).


b) Correct layout, logical procedure and calculations for revised rate in

basement concrete wall


Show all Workings to the solutions. Marks will be awarded for logical

approach, clarity and accuracy. A professional approach is required and

should be shown in the production of this work. Please consider; side

dimensions booked dimensions, descriptions. Does it make sense? Does it

look professional? Is there a bibliography/reference page? You should state

ALL assumptions clearly and should make very clear what sources of

information have been used.

NOTE; students who do not show detailed calculations, recorded in an

industry-appropriate fashion for the tasks will automatically be awarded a

fail grade for the entire task. Bibliography list to identify a full reading list

should be attached – a compulsory requirement

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Assignment 1 – 70% Coursework | Hand in date: 9th Feb 2022

Assignment 1 submission accounts for 70% of the grade awarded for this Module.

This is an individual work submission.

Assignment 2 – 30% Project | Hand in date: 4th May 2022

Assignment 2 submission accounts for 30% of the grade awarded for this Module.

This is an individual work submission.

Submission guidelines

The final submission is in a virtual portfolio format. The format will require

individual submissions of highly professional quality: we very much hope that

the Assignment you submit is something you are very proud of and choose

Hi Luisto present to prospective employers in order to secure graduate


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Type of


Duration or



weighting %


assessment Y/N


threshold mark



component Y/N


marked Y/N


70 N OPTO1

Project 30 Y OPTO1

Anonymous marking exemption codes: 1: Individually distinct work, 2: Reflection on development of own work 3: Presentation 4:

individually negotiated work 5: work placement/experience/assessment

Assessment Notes:

The coursework assignments comprise different exercises. These exercises would

involve evidencing critical evaluation, documentation, and presentation skills, and

outline strategic proposals.

Formative assessment via a series of tutorials and reviews will be offered to students

to give formative feedback on their coursework.

Timetable & submissions / key events

Refer to your online timetable. If you are unsure about any aspect of this

Module, contact the module leader:

Key submissions/ reviews and the indicative requirements of each are explained on the following


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