Business Plan Project The name of the business is Charmed by Choice Events. We

Business Plan Project
The name of the business is Charmed by Choice Events.
We are located in Greenville, SC.
We provide planning and coordinating services for weddings and other social events. This busines plan has to be for a business that has been up and running for at least 2 years.
Below are a few more details.
You are to write a business plan for a small business and submit it by the due date in the Assignment folder. The plan should be an original business or even an existing small business at which you currently work.
Create components of a viable business plan
Communicate your management, leadership, and communication skills for running and growing a business.
Demonstrate techniques for analyzing costs, preparing financial documents, and reporting requirements.
Design an effective strategy for marketing, customer service, selling, and relationship building.
Within the plan, indicate how you will be researching, securing, and managing financial aspects of the enterprise.
Include a plan for business operations that will ensure the business delivers on its promises to customers.
Project Overview
In this project, you will create a completed Business Plan as covered in the course materials and textbook. Unit 2 discusses in detail a Business Plan and all of its components. Make sure you read and understand Chapter 6, Planning, Organizing, and Managing a Small Business. In Chapter 6 on page 144 you will see a professional outline for a Business Plan. On pages 152-167 in the Appendix section, you will find a completed business that you can use as a model for your plan. You can see a workbook that you can use for developing a successful business plan beginning on page 418-443 of your book. You will submit your Business Plan under the Assignments link in D2L. Your submission should cover the components given in your book. You might not have all of these components in your business, but you should cover the ones appropriate for your business. The business plan should be in a word document, no PowerPoint presentations or video presentations will be accepted. If you turn in one of these types of presentations, you will receive a zero for your grade.
Many students ask me how many pages should my business plan be? I feel that a documented business plan should be from 10 to 15 pages if you use single spacing. If you use double spacing than your plan should be 15 to 20 pages. Please do not use any font larger than 12, if you do, I will take points off of your plan. The Business plan is a class project and required for passing this class. You must submit your plan by the due date. If you turn in your plan past the due date, you will lose quite a few points. If you do not turn in a plan, you will receive an Incomplete for your grade for this class, even if you complete all other assignments and quizzes. When completing chapter six assignments, I will set up WebEx meetings with you so we can discuss the Business Plan and what I expect from you and your plan.

The post Business Plan Project
The name of the business is Charmed by Choice Events.
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