So, this is a commentary essay worth 25% of my grade, this is a copy and paste o

So, this is a commentary essay worth 25% of my grade, this is a copy and paste of what my professor asked for:
The claims must be supported with evidence (logos), and the sources
must be credible (ethos). This will be your OWN views supplemented
with research. In addition to secondary sources, you may want to include
personal experiences to support your claims.
Remember, you will have a particular viewpoint, but you must also
consider the needs of your audience. How will you be able to interest
your audience without excluding those who do not share your values?
1000 – 1500 words (This does NOT include the Works Cited page)
You must include a Works Cited page and the correct in-text citation.
You must use at least four sources in the essay.
Two of these sources MUST come from the Hunter Library database.
These articles must be from magazines, academic journals, or
newspapers. Also, you can use a book or eBook from Hunter Library.
One source MUST be a personal interview.
The fourth source can be whatever type works best for your own essay.
This could be an article from the web, a YouTube video, a streaming
video from the Hunter Library Database, as well as another personal
interview or source from Hunter Library.
You will need an intro, a thesis statement/question, and a conclusion.
This essay should contain at least six paragraphs.
In this essay, you will be supplementing your OWN opinions and ideas
with research.
All quotes must be integrated. Do not force a source into your essay that
does not connect. If you cannot integrate it effectively, you will need a
better source. As well, it should not be necessary to include long quotes.
I am most interested in your writing.
You may use first and third person.
You must post a docx file (double-spaced/12-point font Times New
Roman) to Canvas by the deadline.
it says two sources must be from the hunter library and i can find two of them for you
this is my email:

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