The Human Resource Management Business Case Study Project (BP) has three distinc

The Human Resource Management Business Case Study Project (BP) has three distinct elements
Critical Peer Discussion – these discussions will focus on company research based on prompts which follow the course objectives
Research based essays and
Oral presentation
The purpose of this project is to help students develop five discussion responses, one comprehensive essay and one oral presentations that will cover each of the five course objectives for Humn Resource Management. These assignments give students a practical engagement exercises reviewing the courses objectives in a measurable and scholarly manner.
The Business Case Study Project, which engages students in research on each of the five touch points, involves:
Examine the human resource environment including trends in management, safety in the workplace and job analysis.
Analyze employee training techniques.
Examine employee development and performance.
Examine a pay structure and employee benefits.
Analyze critical human resource goals that include high-performance organizations and human resources globally.
The Essay Instructions highlights
Each essay will include an introduction, body, and conclusion.
The essay will be doubled space and 10 – 15 pages.
The type font for the essay is New times Roman, Calibri, or Tahoma font, sized 12 pt.
The essay is organized by aligning each paragraph with a chapter from the text. The APA, 7th edition Writing Manual will guide the development of our essay and oral presentation.
This essay will achieve the objective of addressing all the major outcomes for the course and as outlined in your syllabus.
Use the tool to develop the body of your presentation which should align with the chapter from the textbook. Each paragraph in the body of the essay should include a reference to a learning objective, its definition and description. This explanation should be followed by an explanation of the corporation you have selected for research.

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