You have been asked to write an article for The Dallas Morning News, a local DFW

You have been asked to write an article for The Dallas Morning News, a local DFW newspaper. The editor is in search of articles that analyze popular advertisements for their appeal to students at Dallas College’s Mountain View campus. The article will be posted in a special section of the newspaper, Digital Dives. You may choose to analyze any visual advertisement if it is appropriate for your audience. Consider using a billboard, an inspiring image, or a social media advertisement. Your essay must have a thesis, you must use evidence from the visual source to support your point of view. Remember the expectations for an argument.
Your essay should do the following:
Identify the argument presented in the advertisement
Argue that advertisement is effective OR ineffective based on rhetoric
Analyze (evaluate) the use of rhetoric present in the piece
Remember that rhetoric includes: SOAPSC, Ethos, Pathos, Logos, Kairos, Style, Lighting, Color choices, Font, Shading, etc.
If you are unsure, review the Rhetorical Analysis Checklist
Essay must include the following paragraphs:
Introduction (that includes a clear thesis statement)
3 body paragraphs
1 counterargument paragraph
Make sure that your essay presents a clear argument that argues that the advertisement is effective or ineffective. Make sure that you use quotes and other relevant evidence to prove your position. If you use any secondary sources, make sure to paraphrase using guidelines for the 8th edition of MLA format. *Secondary research is not required for this essay.
Write in 3rd person narration ONLY! This is an analytical essay.
This paper must have a 3-4 full pages (not including Works Cited).
All papers must include a correctly formatted Works Cited page. Include your image or link to your advertisement.
Professor McGilbrey does not grade papers that do not meet the page length requirements. If the final draft of your paper does not include a properly formatted Works Cited or paraphrased secondary sources, you will automatically lose 25 points.
Your paper should have a thesis (i.e. an overall point). Remember this is something that is debatable.
Use quotes to support your argument and cite (via paraphrases) any secondary material that you use. Blend evidence into your essay by using transition words, phrases, and statements.
All papers should be grammatically correct. Major grammatical errors will affect your overall grade.
Professor McGilbrey deducts a lot if your evidence is weak, and if you do not explain its relevance. It is highly suggested that your visit the Writing Center for help.
Format: MLA (use your handbook or Purdue Owl MLA); Double-Space, point 12, Times New Roman Font, 1 inch margins

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