Answer the following in the Discussion Thread this week after

 Answer the following in the Discussion Thread this week after you view the above Ted Talk video on Cesar Harada:

  1. Which of the project management concepts highlighted in the Swink text book were utilized by Cesar Harada on this project (cite APA)?
  2. Describe the project management concepts that Harada is utilizing in your own terms.
  3. Harada was trying to create a “real change” describe (or draw a picture and upload) of what he was trying to do.
  4. Harada wants to solve a huge problem with a solution that was fast, cheap and open sourced. Describe a problem at your work or at your home and describe a fast, cheap and open source solution.
  5. With some independent research, consider and describe two or three of the macro factors (don’t use the same ones your classmates use) that caused this oil spill, be sure to list (using APA) your research.
  6. Describe some of the project management skills that Harada used. Describe a time when you used these same skills.
  7. Harada is describing an innovative approach to solve this problem. What innovative idea do you have? (Note the video on the class on the MBA Capstone found in Course Information). Think about how/if your innovation might be possible for a topic for the MBA capstone. (Remember all ideas must be approved by the capstone instructor when you enroll in the class but it is wonderful to start thinking about the subject of your innovation now).
  8. Finally, list a few things you learned about innovation in this video.





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