Now that you’ve completed your budget proposal, it’s important that


  1. Now that you’ve completed your budget proposal, it’s important that you reflect on your research and practice. Reflection allows you to acknowledge your achievement and take note of opportunities for improvement in the future. 

    Write a 1,000- to 1,250-word paper reflecting on the budget proposal you created in Week 4, as well as on your research findings in this course. Address the following: 

    • What are the key components of your budget proposal?
    • Could your proposal, as is, be implemented in the real world? Explain. If not, what steps would need to be taken to implement?
    • How would your identified “guardrails” for reporting ensure both accuracy and completeness in reporting? Would these same guardrails assist you with accountability to your budget? Explain.
    • How could your budget affect funding and public perception?
    • What inconsistencies or gaps do you anticipate if your budget were implemented? What steps could you take to overcome these issues?
    • How would you summarize your budget to convince the city council of its merit?
    • Cite a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed sources. Remember to cite your references using all the information, not just a link.

      Format your paper according to APA guidelines. Proofread, proofread, proofread!
      Submit your assignment.


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