Create a plan for starting a small business. You are to develop a business idea

Create a plan for starting a small business. You are to develop a
business idea just as any entrepreneur would.
Once you have an idea for a small business, you will begin the process of writing a mini
business plan for your initiative. The plan will be no more than 20 pages in length, not
including the title page, table of contents, or annotated bibliography. Visuals for your plan
are recommended. Visuals involve tables, charts, graphs, or photos. Please do not use
clip art.
Each of the numbered sections below must be used in your document as headers.
Headers are typically capitalized and bolded. As you can see, you will be developing your
mini plan incrementally.
Each of our assignments has a detailed description. Please read the description carefully in
order to accomplish the necessary tasks. The expectation is for students to submit
assignments that are free of spelling, punctuation, formatting, and grammar errors.
In addition, with business documents, for each page that you produce, you must start each
sentence with a different word. Doing so is difficult but entirely necessary to accomplish a
sophisticated and MBA-level writing style.
Furthermore, please adhere to common practices for comma usage. In business writing, the
standard is to use two commas in a series of three items, phrases, or clauses. For example:
• I went shopping to buy jeans, socks, and shirts. Notice the comma after socks.
• Or…I planned to organize my office, paint the walls, and clean the furniture.
(Three phases in a series) Notice the comma after walls.
• And…Mary went to the ball, Jack decided to go bowling, but Casey attended a
demonstration. (Three clauses or mini-sentences used in a series) Notice the comma
after bowling.
In a series of four items, three commas are required.
Headers: Our course project is to produce a business proposal. With a business proposal,
along with most other business documents, headers are used to separate major sections.
Headers have a dual function: they help the reader understand the organization of the
document, and they assist the writer in staying on track. The standard for header usage is to
write them with bolded and capitalized letters.
Everything That needs to be included :
The Executive Summary / Product or Service Analysis – W1 o Purpose of the product or service
o Mission and vision statement
2. Customers – Assignment
o Who is the ideal customer?
o How will you find your customer base?
o How will you appeal to your customers?
3. Products/Services – W3 Assignment
o List your products / services and their price
o List the materials or tools needed
o List where you’ll sell it
4. Process – W4 Assignment
o Explain the process for manufacturing the product or developing the service
5. Marketing and Sales – W5 Assignment
o What three or four social media outlets will be appropriate for your
communication efforts
o Describe some methods for building email lists?
o What advertising methods will you use?
6. Finance – W6 Assignment
o How will you fund your business?
What are your financial goals for your business
o How much will it cost to start your new business

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