For this practice exercise, you will continue working on your information and do

For this practice exercise, you will continue working on your information and document design skills. You will choose ONE of the following exercises from BWS Ch 5 to revise, keeping in mind that all final submissions should be in memo format (since they are internal communications) and make use of headings and/or lists.
Application 5-G Revise a Poor Communication about Employee Parking
The background.
All professional communications should embrace a clear thought process, and this is especially important when a new strategy or necessity is being announced. Effective leaders must always demonstrate that they have thought carefully about the practical consequences of revising policies and strategies.
In the following application, K. Smedley, an assistant director at Jackson Architectural, is trying to suggest alternatives to an overcrowded company parking garage. However, Smedley has not thought through the parking remedies carefully; moreover, she or he has written the recommendations in a confusing manner. Help Smedley develop a more sensible set of strategies, a clearer presentation of them, and amore sympathetic tone.
Dear Colleagues:
All of us face frustrations over the poorly designed, limited parking facilities at Jackson Architectural, Inc. The management has determined a new plan that will alleviate many of these concerns. Every Monday, a day that generally brings fewer clients to our firm, staff of Jackson Architectural may park in the spaces designated for “visitor parking” when these spots are available. On Thursdays (and on other days, for that matter), we encourage you to carpool, to ride the #12 bus to work, or to find parking on the main street (but note the two-hour limit). On Tuesdays and Fridays, for a small fee, employees may park in the furthest section of the lot owned by our neighbor Forthright Towing.
We are all in this together, and I regret the inconvenience.
K. Smedley
Assistant Director of Business Services
The purpose.
You need to make a compelling case for remedying the parking situation and to devise realistic parking and transportation strategies that are less obtuse and insulting. To accomplish these goals, you will need to imagine your way inside this business situation.
The audience.
Nearly all working people are concerned about their commuting time and, if they drive to work, the ease with which they can park their car. So this is a sensitive topic for your audience.
The communication strategy.
As previously suggested, you must reimagine more realistic parking options for your valued colleagues, explain the options clearly, and demonstrate your understanding of the frustrations that even a well-conceived plan will cause for some of your colleagues.
Please revise what is written in bold, using memo format.

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