General Instructions: § Format: Use Times font, size 12, double spacing, one-in

General Instructions:
Format: Use
Times font, size 12, double spacing, one-inch margins on all sides. One
full page is 20 lines. On the top line of the first page, type your name,
Sociol 101 and Essay title. If you are
not using a paperback copy of the 13th edition that is paginated,
you must let me know which version you are using.
Then skip a line and begin. Do NOT repeat the question and instructions;
just indicate the essay by its title
Write in full sentences and
use paragraphs. No bulleting.
Use and organization of textual
requirements: The order in which the concepts and textual
requirements are listed is NOT the order in which you are to engage with the
text. They are listed arbitrarily. A big
part of this assignment is to give thought to organization of ideas – how you
develop the essay (both within paragraphs and between paragraphs). You will need to think about how you can
package together some of the different chapter section requirements and
If you are using the paperback
13th edition of our textbook whose pagination is the same as mine (you will know by the below
textual requirements and their corresponding pages), you should use a mixture
of quotations and paraphrasing and cite with page using parenthetical citation
(Newman 300). BUT, if you are using a digital version of
the 13th edition that doesn’t have page numbers or for some reason
the pages are different than the paperback 13th edition, then all of
your textual engagements must be via quotations (though you should elaborate in
your own words). You will still cite with parenthetical citation
If you
borrow specific ideas, be they paraphrased or quoted, from any YouTube videos,
articles or from my written mini-lectures, you must cite where you are
borrowing specific ideas.
Edit your
essays for spelling, grammar, sentence coherency and organization of ideas.
Length: 5- 6
pages. Depending on how concise you
write, the length will vary a bit. You are welcome to extend the length, but no
more than one page.
Using your sociological imagination, write an essay about your
gender socialization using the below concepts and engaging with the below
Sociological Imagination
Narrative (which includes
quality of writing and citation) 30%
Concepts (40%) you will be incorporating
these concepts into your exploration . While
only seven (7) of the below concepts must be explicitly defined via the course
textbook, all of the concepts’ meanings
must be conveyed via the narrative (description of experiences etc…) Bold
only the concepts (not their definitions) to make it easier for me to
identify them. Grade for each concept varies based on how well-fully you show
me you understand the concept
§ Mead’s stages of self or
Cooley’s the looking glass self 5%
§ socialization 2%
§ primary socialization 2%
§ secondary socialization 2%
§ re-socialization and/or
anticipatory socialization 3%
§ relevant agents of socialization
(don’t forget to identify the type of agents you are engaging with):
individuals, groups, organizations, institutions (of which you must engage with
at least two institutional agents of socializations besides the family) 3%
§ identity 1%
§ sex 2%
§ gender 2%
§ primary group 2%
§ secondary group 2%
§ culture: material and nonmaterial
§ social norms, must identify the
type 2%
§ institutional norms 2%
§ sanctions (and identify the type)
§ ascribed status 2%
§ achieved status 2%
§ roles 2%
§ total institution, if relevant
(bonus 2%)
Articles: (Can
access articles and documentaries via the Assignments link).
§ Must engage twice with the Kimmel article for an understanding of
the concept: gender 10%
§ Select school groups
to help you explore one area of your gender socialization. Depending on which
you selected, choose one of the corresponding texts (and must engage twice with
it) 10%:
o School:
r Best, “Girls,
Schooling, and the Discourse of Self-Change: Negotiating the Meanings of the
High School Prom
§ Documentary: Engage once with “The Rise of the Adonis Complex” in The Adonis
Complex. 10%

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Format: Use
Times font, size 12, double spacing, one-in appeared first on Skilled Papers.





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