It’s an analyzing and comparing argumentative essay For this assignment, you wi

It’s an analyzing and comparing argumentative essay
For this assignment, you will compose an essay in which you argue for your interpretation of 1-2 literary works you have read this semester. The Literary Analysis essay should consist of 1100-1500 words, NOT counting the Works Cited page. The essay should be in 12-point, Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins on all sides and an appropriate heading and title for MLA-style essays.
This essay should analyze 1-2 primary sources, which are the literary works about which you are writing. Then, you will employ 2-3 secondary sources, which are research sources that you have found. These will include articles from the Library’s databases, credible online resources, and any media sources that are relevant to your topic (such as the interview between Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers). Some of these sources may be the ones you included on your topic proposal with annotated bibliography assignment, but you might need to do additional research in order to thoroughly explore the topic and inform yourself about the issue. Review the feedback that your instructor has left for you on the topic proposal. These sources should be cited in the body of your essay and documented on the Works Cited page according to 8th edition MLA guidelines
The two works that I chose were Rivka Galchen’s “Wild Berry Blue” and James Joyce’s “Araby”
Analyze and compare two texts from our course to show how writers demonstrate the transition from innocence to experience, from youth to maturity. You may choose two poems or two stories, but do not mix genres unless you receive prior approval from your instructor. Analyze the methods that the writer uses: How does the writer create a sense of innocence? Look for common images, mindsets, or characters. What experience(s) from youth do the writers focus on? What are the common experiences in the two works? Next, look for the transition to maturity or knowledge: What does the writer show us about the experience of growing up, and what should we learn from it? Is conflict, challenge, disillusionment, or change a positive or negative element of the human experience in the works you are analyzing? In what stage—youth or maturity—does the character or speaker seem happier? Why? How does the growth from innocence to experience affect one’s identity? How does it affect their sexual, social, or political behavior? What can these literary works show us/remind us/reveal to us about what we gain and learn when growing up?

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