Media Plan Project General Rules 1. Please find relevant information and use the

Media Plan Project
General Rules
1. Please find relevant information and use them for the most updated project contents. You reference list should contain at least seven resources and use APA citation style.
2. Please follow the case study guide
3. You are required to develop a target for your media plan project. You should provide your own rational based on provided MRI data and your own research.
4. Please include both traditional media and new media.
5. Please complete your media plan project by 4/24.
Table of Contents
Budget: Red Lobster has allocated $25 million for media plan. Additional $5 million for media spend to 5 spot markets.
1. Target Audience (5 points) & Media Mix (10 points)
A well-justified target audience is vital to the success of this brand, and your assigned task is to define accurately the segment of the market that will utilize the Red Lobster brand. Study your brand and competitive brands carefully and critically. Write a profile for the target audience using all relevant online sources provided for you.
• Justify both the target profile and your media mix decisions using quantitative and qualitative data from the case and from other resources you may be able to find.
• Cite all sources you use to define the target.
2. Timing / Scheduling (5 points)
Plan a 12-month campaign beginning January of 2023. Each of the 12 months may or may not include advertising or promotions depending on your timing strategy. You decide which month to launch your plan, and which months to accelerate spending. The timing/scheduling strategy is highly strategic.
• Justify peak spending periods with strong support, and cite your sources.
3. Media Mix (10 points)
You need to justify the media mix for Red Lobster. Analyze the information in the case combined with all available online data to convince your client that your media mix has strategic genius. Your media plan should include traditional media as well as any new media, social media, or sales promotional spending.
4. Scope & Geography (5 points)
Geographic strategy is vital for Red Lobster. How does Red Lobster maximize its advertising voice in national and/or spot market? Aside from the five market expansion/growth market part of the plan, make a very clear commitment to one of the three scopes in the MFP online simulation: National, Spot, or both. Justify your decision by citing relevant data from all available sources.
6. BDI& CDI Analysis & SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) or Situation Analysis (10 points)
Competitive data, spreadsheet market data, etc., are all available online []. The quality of your analysis and the effort you invest is the key to unlocking some of the most important issues in this case study. Please use recent information for this section. In case, you can find competitive data and spreadsheet market data on Canvas.
See the Red Lobster Case Guide
7. Skip Creative Strategy
8. Media Flight Plan Simulation (10 points)
Using Media Flight Plan software and include a flowchart in the body of your work. Support all decisions based on logical and intelligent objectives/strategies. Be sure the buys on your flowchart are consistent with your media objectives/strategies.
9. Strategy and others (15 points)
Write media objectives/strategies addressing the following:
✓ A clear definition of Red Lobster’s target audience with all intelligent media mix strategy.
✓ Strategy – Media mix should include a list of vehicles.
✓ Monthly reach/frequency goals and accompanying strategies.
✓ Geography – National + five spot markets and/or more spot markets
✓ Monthly media allocations and budgeting strategy demand logical marketing support
✓ Timing/scheduling decisions are vital to Red Lobster marketing success- Justify your timing
✓ Social Media Detail on your flowchart
✓ Reference, information quality, writing skills and so on.

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General Rules
1. Please find relevant information and use the appeared first on Skilled Papers.

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