This assignment will serve to help you discover what you are doing well, and wha

This assignment will serve to help you discover what you are doing well, and what you can improve, in a close, interpersonal relationship. Using either your romantic relationship or a close relationship that is important to you (with a parent, family member, or best friend), you and your chosen partner will individually respond to the seven questions listed below. For each of the seven categories, list specific things you already do and specific things you can begin to do. After you have each answered the questions, spend time debriefing and discussing your responses. Remember to keep an open mind and use the opportunity to improve your relationship.
Your paper should include your perceptions, your partner’s perceptions, and the points of agreement and disagreement. What accounts for those differences? What can you both do to improve your relationship? Identify specific communication strategies you are already utilizing and those you can implement. The goal of your paper is to present what you learned, applying terms and concepts from the text and class discussions. Your paper should be more than a mere description of the responses. You should engage in analysis by using the course information to make sense of the data you collect.
*** Underline/Bold the terms/concepts from the text that you are incorporating in the paper. You should aim for at least 10 terms/concepts that can be accurately incorporated in your paper.***
Positivity: Do we communicate in a way that we find enjoyable by complimenting, doing favors, and being fun and interesting?
Assurances: Do we communicate our ongoing commitment to the relationship in word and action?
Sharing tasks: Do we share chores and daily tasks?
Acceptance: Do we support and forgive each other?
Self-disclosure: Do we share our thoughts, feelings, and fears?
Relationship talks: Do we make time to discuss our relationship and listen to each other?
Social networks: Do we actively involve family and friends in our relationship?
Your paper should be at least 3 full pages in length, typed, double-spaced, 1″ left, right, top and bottom margins, 12 pt font. No cover page please. Just put your name and the assignment name in the upper right hand corner.

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