This is for Humanitites. Have to tie in the ancient orgin of thunder and lighten

This is for Humanitites. Have to tie in the ancient orgin of thunder and lightening, how it incorportor Zues and the
thunder Gods. The fear of of which thunder and lightning brought to people. (loud noise, and flashing lights). The
superstitious of getting hit by lighting. how does thunder and lightning brings pease to someone.
This was part 2 of the assignment that you can incoporate into the final paper.
Fear can be defined as
an unpleasant emotion(s) caused by awareness or anticipation of danger.
Sometimes fear does not last for long, and its effects are not that major. For
example, someone walking in the dark. They can be fearful, but this feeling can
go if lights being turned on (Roser et al., 2016). Terror, on the other hand,
is an extreme fear. Unlike fear, terror can cause psychological effects on the
person(s) affected and can last for long. For example, if a person has
witnessed someone being killed, and they too can be killed at any time; they
can be terrified for a long.
Peace can be defined as
societal friendship and harmony if there is no violence and hostility. Most of
the time, where peace exists; there are no conflicts such as war and fear of
violence among people or groups (Hassan & Martin 2016). When there is
peace, people live happily, relate with each other, and prosper economically,
politically, and socially. Therefore, a person must keep and maintain peace within
A thunderstorm is a
short-lived and powerful weather disturbance usually marked by hail, dense
clouds, heavy rain, lightning or thunder, and strong gusty winds. When it
happens, it causes awe to the people, especially the children, due to the loud
sound which comes with it (Rau, 2018). This is because they do not know what
thunderstorms are and whether they can cause any harm or not. But when they
come of age, they can understand what a thunderstorm is and why it occurs.
Therefore, if thunderstorms happen, they will be comfortable with them and not
be afraid.
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