White Privilege Reflection Paper After reading the article by Peggy McIntosh, wr

White Privilege Reflection Paper
After reading the article by Peggy McIntosh, write an essay in which you answer the following questions:
McIntosh argues that white privilege is used to maintain the myth of meritocracy. She argues that not everyone has an equal opportunity; we are just made to believe that. Do you agree with her? Make sure to support your opinion with at least two examples.
Now, consider whether you have any privileges regarding the following categories: 1) gender; 2) race or ethnic identity; 3) nationality; 4) physical ability (or lack of it); 5) religion; 6) sexual orientation or gender identity. Be sure to discuss each category even if you do not believe you have any privileges and explain why, or why you do not, have privileges for each category. Remember that everyone has some privileges – whether we realize it or not. Please be thoughtful about how you answer regarding each characteristic noted above.
Now that you have considered your own privileges, what will you do with that knowledge? Will you choose to continue to use your unearned advantage and disregard others who do not have those privileges, or will you use your privileges to do what you can so that there is more equity in society? Explain your answer.
Note: here is an example of my own. I identify as a cisgender, heterosexual female. Because I fit in with society (at least regarding this characteristic), I have privileges. I can show affection to my spouse without anyone looking at us strangely. I have always been able to marry, to adopt children, and I have not been discriminated against because of how I identify in this regard.
Think about how a gender non-conforming person or a transgender person will not have had the same experience. How can I use my privilege? I can be an ally to persons in the LGBTQ+ community, I can advocate for legislation that protects their rights, etc.
The paper must be 3-5 pages long, typed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins, and 12-point font. A cover page does not count as part of the minimum pages. Please upload either a Word or Google document. I cannot open other types of files.

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After reading the article by Peggy McIntosh, wr appeared first on Skilled Papers.

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