You are assigned to review school-based data in reading to determine the academi

You are assigned to review school-based data in reading to determine the academic strength and needs of the students.
Part 1
Please respond to the following referring to the Four County Data PDF document: Download Four County Data PDF document:
Pick a county (Broward, Dade, Monroe, or Palm Beach).
Compare the district and the state overall FSA-ELA Performance Goals for 2019-20. Which is higher?
Compare the the 2019-20 State Achievement Gaps on FSA-ELA with the 2019-20 District Achievement Gaps on FSA-ELA. Which has greater gaps the State or the District?
Pick one of the District Achievement Gap subgroups to improve their reading performance.
Part 2
You are then to locate and select scientifically researched-based strategies for improvement, including strategies to teach reading in all components of reading instruction: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, phonics, oral language lessons, and comprehension throughout the content areas. Use the Reading Module Lesson Series videos
Pick a grade level and Briefly summarize and describe a Research-Based Reading Instruction and a Researched Based Instructional Strategy for each of the six Components of Reading Instruction in the Data Worksheet Chart. See Data Worksheet Chart Word Document Download Data Worksheet Chart Word Document.
Part 3
Write a paper that elaborates on the Research-Based Reading Instruction and Research-Based Instructional Strategies in your Data Worksheet Chart. Be sure to include explanations of the strategies for each of the content areas with citations throughout.
Submission Instructions:
This assignment requires multiple file uploads.
Part 1 – Answer questions 1-4
Part 2 – Work Sheet
Part 3 – Paper
The paper is to be clear and concise. Students will lose points for improper grammar, punctuation, and misspelling. The paper should be formatted per current APA and 2 pages in length, excluding the title, abstract, and references page. Incorporate a minimum of 2 current scholarly journal articles within your work.

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