BMP5101 Career Development Assessment Solution Help

BMP5101 Career Development Assessments

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BMP5101 Career Development


Assignment Details:

  • Words: 700


Assignment Brief


You are required to produce a 2,600 word portfolio including the following elements:


1. Produce a personal skills audit identifying your strengths and weaknesses against an appropriate and current referenced list of key graduate/professional skills utilising suitable evidence (This could include evidence from the Foundation Degree, from employment or from other activities). A list of 10 key skills is recommended.


2. Research a potential real graduate/professional level job (i.e. obtain a job description/person specification) that you would be interested in applying for, and create a tailored Curriculum Vitae and covering letter. Attach the job description and person specification as an appendix.


3. Carry out research into potential careers and career pathways and produce a time-scaled career plan (ladder) for the next 5-10 years.


4. Produce a personal development plan that reflects both your personal skills audit and career plan with dates and costs over 5-10 years.


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