Module 1 – Cells, Genes, Tissues and Common Alterations

Shadow Health Concept Lab – Module 1 Reflection1<br />
The purpose of this Shadow Health Concept Lab reflection assignment is to help you achieve the following Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs):<br />
CLO 1: Apply concepts of pathophysiology at the cellular and systems levels for individuals and populations across the lifespan (PLO 1, 7 & 8)<br />
CLO 2: Examine the impact of genetics and epigenetics on lifestyle and selected pathologies across the lifespan (PLO 1, 7 & 8)<br />
CLO 3: Examine concepts of inflammation and immunity (PLO 1, 7 & 8)<br />
CLO 6: Analyze the etiology and advanced pathophysiological alterations of selected body systems for common primary care diagnoses across the lifespan (PLO 1, 7 & 8)<br />
Module 1 – Cells, Genes, Tissues and Common Alterations<br />
After completing Module 1 in Shadow Health, discuss a key concept that was covered in the Shadow Health Concept Lab and include information on how the pathophysiology of this concept relates to 3 body systems.<br />
Include a summary of what you found helpful in this module or what was not helpful.<br />
Directions:<br />
The assignment should be at least 2 pages<br />
The paper should be in APA format and include:<br />
Title page<br />
Appropriate citations<br />
Reference page<br />
Introduction/Conclusion<br />
Include at least one scholarly reference (this is a peer reviewed research article) to support the assignment<br />
Provide references in APA format following your summary<br />
Submit to the assignment link<br />
What to Submit:<br />
Submit completed assignment to this assignment link





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