SW7027 – Essay

SW7027 – Essay

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Assessment Brief :  SW7027
Method of assessment: Essay
‘The development of personal budgets and the personalisation policy for adults has led to many more service providers within social care and greater choice for service users’.
Discuss and critically analyse this statement with reference to good social work with one of the following ‘service user’ groups:

Older people
Adults with a learning or physical disability
Adults with mental health needs
Where possible students should make reference to:
Empirical studies of service user and/or informal carer experiences of personal budgets or personalized care
A specific need(s) or relevant issue(s) in relation to your service user group (e.g. loneliness, formal care, support, respite, risk, advocacy, demographics, poverty, discrimination, exclusion)

Relevant social policy: including some reference to care management and quasi-markets
Appropriate legislation: which may include the Care Act, NHSCC Act, or the Mental Health Care Act, and so on.
Theory or methods: for example, Strengths, Person Centred, Risk Positive, Systems, Anti-oppression, Feminist, and so on.
Up to 4,000 words
Remember your structure-introduction, main body of work and conclusion. Clear and accurate referencing. Use of up to date sources ideal but older articles or books can also be used 

Weighting: 100%

Further information available in module handbook and during lectures

The post SW7027 – Essay first appeared on Krita Infomatics.

The post SW7027 – Essay appeared first on Krita Infomatics.





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