BSM748 – Global Business Environment

BSM748 – Global Business Environment

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Word Count : 3000 words

Assessment Brief

The International Office has no prior experience in this area; however, the university attracts many students from the following eight countries and you are required to select one of them as the focus of your report:

Chile​Ghana​Japan​MexicoNew ZealandPortugal​Singapore​Switzerland

Based on the assignment specifications above, prepare the following two tasks:​​

Task 1:

Your report should identify and appraise the most relevant political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, ecological and legal factors in your chosen country’s business environment (from the perspective of a UK Business School interested in the idea of establishing a satellite campus there). 

(tasks continued)

Task 2:

By synthesising and critically reflecting upon your evidence, you should also identify the most significant opportunities and threats facing your Business School if it decides to establish a satellite campus in that country. 


First things first…Select your country​​Think carefully about your choice:Familiarity with countryAvailability of informationDifferent countries will have significantly different factors to focus on in the different areas of the business environmentPossible to appraise the different dimensions of the business environment in particular countries using PESTEL:PoliticalEconomic / financialSocioculturalTechnologicalEcologicalLegalDifferent lectures and module topics consider different dimensionsThink about what would matter most to FDI investors from the sector in question: how would they define suitability and attractiveness?Influence on the business environment:Appropriate metrics / indicators?Changes over time?



Main Discussion:Present the most relevant elements of your analysisFor task 1, some sections of PESTEL may yield far more relevant information than other sections; again, this will depend on your chosen countryFor task 2, consider how these elements might create opportunities and/or challenges for a satellite campus of a UK university



Fully referenced with appropriate in-text citationsUse RGU Harvard style to format citations and references – see library guide ( Refer to textbooks and articles/academic papers rather than lecture notes

The post BSM748 – Global Business Environment first appeared on Krita Infomatics.

The post BSM748 – Global Business Environment appeared first on Krita Infomatics.





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