Exercise Physiology Analysis Paper


Exercise Physiology Analysis Paper

Exercise physiology concepts are at the foundation of human movement. The content you are learning in the course can be applied to any activity to explain why the body works the way it does. The purpose of this project is for you to apply concepts learned during the course to a selected physical activity / exercise in terms of the physiological adjustments and adaptations that occur during exercise.

Choose an exercise activity or sport that you participate in, watch on a regular basis, or have an interest in analyzing. Select the specific position if choosing a sport. Submit your idea to the instructor for approval. If your project is not approved, it may receive a grade of zero. If you are retaking this course, you must select a different topic. You may not use any work that you have submitted for another class.Format
I. Describe the activity in detail (assume the instructor has no knowledge of the activity).

II. Analyze the exercise / sport from an exercise physiology perspective. When applicable, include typical / realistic physiological values in your response.
A. Metabolism
a. What is the predominant energy system being used? What is the contribution of the other energy systems? Justify your responses.
b. What is the predominant fuel being utilized? If RER could be measured, would be a typical RER during participation on this activity? Justify your responses.
c. Describe what training methods you would use to improve the metabolic performance in this activity.
B. Cardiovascular
a. What changes occur in heart rate throughout the activity? Describe the physiological mechanisms that cause HR to change for this activity.
b. What changes would stroke volume change during participation of the activity? Describe the physiological mechanisms that cause SV to change for this activity.
c. What changes in cardiac output would occur during participation of the activity and why?
d. What is the blood pressure response during this type of activity and why?
e. What long-term (chronic) adaptations might occur in resting and exercise heart rate, stroke volume and cardiac output as a result of continued participation in the activity.

C. Respiratory
a. Describe the minute ventilation response during a normal session of this activity.
b. What is a-VO2 difference and how will this activity affect it acutely? Why?
c. What long-term (chronic) adaptations might occur in minute ventilation and a-VO2 difference as a result of participation in this sport / activity?D. Neuromuscular / Training
a. What is the predominant muscle fiber type(s) would be used during this activity? Justify your response.
b. What kind of fiber distribution would enhance success for this activity? Justify your response.
c. What long-term (chronic) neuromuscular adaptations would you expect to observe? Be sure to give physiological rationale to support your answer.
d. Describe what training methods you would use to improve performance in this activity. Be sure to give physiological rationale to support your response.

III. Summary / Reflection
Provide an overall summary of your analysis. In addition to the summary of your analysis, include a discussion on how applying concepts exercise physiology to your selected topic enhanced your understanding of subject matter (if the project did not enhance your understanding explain why).


Your paper should follow a standard paragraph format and address the contents set forth above. Include a cover page with your exercise / sport analyzed, name, date and course. There is no required length to your paper, you should answer the questions cohesively and with significant depth. Grammar and punctuation will be taken into consideration.

You may use your notes, textbook, or other resources. If/when using resources, you should phrase the resources in your own words and make sure to cite appropriately (use APA citation style). Note – Plagiarism can result in a failing grade for the assignment and possibly for the course. Again, using your own work submitted in other/previous classes (including this one) will constitute as plagiarism.  

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