Trustworthiness challenge in children’s environmental problem

Closed reading critique on one of the resource listed below
Kim, M., & Wong, S. S. H. (2020). Trustworthiness challenge in children’s environmental problem-
solving in the digital era. In Science Education in the 21st Century (pp. 137-152). Springer, Singapore.
Montiel, I., Delgado-Ceballos, J., Ortiz-de-Mandojana, N., & Antolin-Lopez, R. (2020). New ways of
teaching: using technology and mobile apps to educate on grand societal challenges. Journal of business ethics, 161(2), 243-251.
Write a 500-to-750-word close reading critique of your source. Include or address the following questions in your critic
• What are the main ideas of the text? • What is the author’s viewpoint? Does the author advocate for or against something?
• Does the author use evidence to support their claims? For example, do they have any works cited?
• Where is the text from? Is it an article, book, or blog? Do you feel as if the text is from a reputable source? Why o not?
• A minimum of one in-text citation and reference page that includes the source you are reviewing.


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