Global warming and climate change

Global warming and climate change
Human population
Natural disasters
Energy security (Goldstein 2009,pp478)

Task 2

Global warming and climatic issues

The issue of global warming has an international and global applicability and is brought about by the existence of green house gases that accumulate in the global atmosphere over decades. It is said that the rich countries are the cause or responsible for the said climatic change due to failure to use sustainable and cleaner technologies in their operations. Transport, global extraction and fossil oils are the main causes of this environmental issue. It could not happen alone, but it required the uncontrolled actions of the human kind for it to rise into existence. The global warming is still in existence, and the atmosphere is still being tampered with as people work to earn more from the environment. It is a global concern since it affects the whole world in general and it does not matter whether the uncontrolled activities emanate from one continent, but the effect is felt everywhere (Gupta2005, pp386).

Task 3

3a) effect on future generations

As a result of global warming, global temperatures are expected to rise more in the future which will mean more sufferings for the human kind. There will presence of more frequent wild fires which come as a result of heat emanating from the environment or the atmosphere. These fires mostly target the forest and the general vegetation found anywhere in the world.

Longer periods of drought are expected in many parts of the world severe than what has been experienced in the past. Rivers are likely to break earlier which will mean less water for the human kind. These future effects will lead to death of many who will not be able to survive the harsh times due to lack of necessities.

3b) effects on biodiversity

Due to increase of effects on environment through global warming and climate change, there is expected extinction of some species in many tropical areas which is referred to as biodiversity loss. A rapid climate diversity or change makes it hard for some species and ecosystems to adapt and thus biodiversity loss will rise. Biodiversity is generally affected by drought and changing patterns of rainfall which are the effects of global warming and climate change. Extinction of some species will mean that the future generation will not have a chance to experience them in their lifetime (Williams 2002, pp732).

Task 4

The greatest barrier in overcoming the environmental issue in this context is wrong actions which are exercised by human kind. Every hazard that exists in the environment is wholly driven by mankind through actions that could be personal or for the global purpose. The issue of greenhouse gases is brought about by actions undertaken by mankind as he tries to earn an extra coin on from the environment.

The cause of the environment issue has been identified, but to eliminate it has become difficult since the actions causing it are in the lifestyle of mankind. The effect can only be stopped through the whole world agreeing on how to globally address the effect of change of global climate. There have been campaigns to agree the challenge, but no substantial progress has been achieved thus making the situation to become worse. If the actions of mankind towards the environment would change, then it would be very simple to rectify the effects before they completely move out of hard (Gupta 2005, pp582).

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