Global Warming and Technology

Global warming is the increase in the earth surface temperatures due to increased rate of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Global warming is caused by different human activities result into high greenhouse gases level. In the discussion below, the issue of global warming is discussed looking at the causes, impacts and its association with technology. On the other hand, the discussion elaborates on the issue of technology, and the measures scientists and engineers have taken in developing global warming mitigation plans. Moreover, there is a discussion on how technology harms or helps in maintaining the planet.













            Current studies have indicated that global warming has a significant threat internationally towards sustainable development and growth. The earth continues with its alternating warming and cooling activities resulting from climate change initiated by the amount of light received by the earth service as the sun shifts in its orbit. In addition to the position of the sun on its orbit, another factor has come into being that greatly affects climate change referred to humanity. Global warming is defined as the unexpected rise in earth’s temperature above normal rates, which occurs due to the greenhouse gases resulting from human actions of burning fossil fuels (Manvendra et al, 2010). Globalization and changes in technology are directly related, and have enabled people to change their ways of living in order to adapt to the changing global environment. Introduction of the present day technology has aided a lot in reducing global warming. Technology is used by many scientists in developing mitigation measures of minimizing the rate of global warming in order to save the world population. According to Princeton University news (2004), scientists have discovered 15 technological approaches that will assist in solving the problem of global warming. Moreover, different governments are debating on the effect of technology advancement to the well being of individuals on this planet. The discussion below analyses these issues into details.

Global warming

A lot of debates are taking place in regard to measures people should take to cope factors that result to global warming. In the planet earth has undergone a lot of climate change without human intervention. Today the rate of climate change is too rapid compared to the past leading to more impacts resulting from global warming. Many scientists think that the present day global warming is not natural. Before the scientific revolution, the earth’s climate change was as a result of natural causes. Even if these natural causes are present today, their influence are too minimal in explaining the accelerated rate of global warming. Greenhouse gas concentration continues to rise as human beings consume more fossil fuels leading to an increase in the earth’s surface temperature. According to study by Plausible Emissions the earth’s temperature is likely to rise from 2 degrees centigrade to 6 degrees centigrade by the end of the 21st century (Riebeek, 2010).

Causes of global warming

Global warming is associated with climate change, and there are many factors that lead to climate change on the planet earth. One of the causes of global warming is the carbon dioxide emission from fossil fuels burning from power plants. Most electricity producing industries burn fossil fuels that release a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. According to Markham (2009), over 40 % of U.S carbon dioxide emission comes from electric generating companies, whereby coal burning accounts for almost 93% of the emission. Due to increasing production of electric gadgets in the present market, people have turned into burning coal for both personal and industrial electric supply. This has contributed a lot to climate change leading to global warming.

Another important cause of global warming is the increased usage of chemical fertilizers on croplands. During the 20th century, the use of chemical fertilizers rose dramatically whereby farmers changed from using natural animal manure. This resulted into high rate introduction of nitrogen into the soil due to the use of nitrogen-rich fertilizers. Nitrogen has a very high heat trapping capacity therefore, the increased use of fertilizers affected the ground’s heat storage on croplands. In addition, some of the fertilizer is swept away by the running water into the water bodies creating dead-zones in oceans and lakes. Since global warming is as a result of increase in the surface temperatures, these agricultural practices also accelerates the rate of global warming in the planet. Moreover, the high nitrogen levels resulting from over-fertilization affect the ground water creating a major concern on human health (Markham, 2009).

Thirdly, global warming is caused by Methane emissions from animals and agriculture. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas whose excessive presence in the atmosphere causes global warming. A lot of agricultural activities are taking place in the planet earth as many people continue planting large pieces of lands while others keep very many animals. The breakdown of organic matter by bacteria without oxygen, as experienced in rice paddies, leads to production of methane. This process also occurs in the intestines of herbivorous animals. With the increasing number of agricultural activities in the universe, the rate of methane production has increased increasing its concentration in the universe. The increased concentration of methane accelerates global warming (Markham, 2009).

Technology and global warming

Due to the high rate of global warming engineers and scientists are devising new technologies that could assist in reducing the rate of greenhouse gas emission to the atmosphere.  The worldwide advancement in technology has seen to it that many people all over the world adopt the new technology. This has been so since most of the current global transactions are been carried out via the internet. The changes in technology have further triggered the scientists to adopt them in the technological systems that help them to keep an effective track of the effects of climate change due to greenhouse gases emissions (Levin Institute, 2010). In absence of technology, the rate of greenhouse gas emission would be higher. Through this scientists have devised many technological methods that assist in reducing the rate of global warming. These methods control the effect of wind, solar and nuclear energy and conservation methods. The main aim of these methods is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emission to the atmosphere.

Effects of global warming to the planet

            Many governments are putting up environmental movements aimed at educating people on global warming and its impacts to the environment. Global warming has resulted into a lot of problems that have slowed down many human operations. These impacts are felt in different sectors such as the energy sector, water sector, agriculture sector, and health. The increasing growth rate in greenhouse gas emissions and the available climate impacts indicate the occurrence of climate change that is taking place at a faster rate. Many significance climate change policy challenges require action at national, and global levels; concern should also be focused into the local impacts trends and responses.  Global warming has contributed to the significant increase in drought. The greenhouse gas emission impairs the plant growth leading to low crop output. In addition, the increasing temperatures on the surface of the earth create unfavorable conditions for crop growth.

Moreover, our personal perception on global warming develops through experience and interpretation of the previous studies on impacts of global warming. People who grow up in adverse weather conditions have experienced a lot of risks and have suffered the effects of climate change. According to Edwards and Wiseman (2009), community contributes a lot to climate change due to various activities people carry out on daily bases. There is a need for people to understand the dangers they expose themselves into as they carry out these tasks. People have a belief that it is normal to experience the same weather conditions as experienced in the past (William, 2004; 52). Climate change has a lot of impact to the community that has been recognized from different studies carried out to investigate the same. People in a community should be aware of these impacts and communicate them to others in order to minimize risks associated with climate change.

Impact of technology on the planet

There exist commercial technologies that scientists use and integrate to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide production in electric producing companies. The application of these technologies has resulted into significant improvements of the natural environment in a cost effective way. Even if some people argue that technology results into increased rate of global warming research has proven this to be false. Some of technological methods used to minimize the rate of global warming include capturing the carbon dioxide produced through burning of fossil fuels and disposing it well (EPRI, 2008). Other technological approaches towards the same include use of solar energy, wind energy, and nuclear energy as alternative sources of electricity. These alternative sources of energy are more environmentally friendly and are as a result of technological advisement. On the other hand, computer experts have developed software capable of predicting the future climate changes in the planet. These computer models assist in determining the most prone regions on the universe, while providing the necessary measures to take to avoid such effects.

Technology has both advantages and disadvantages on the earth. In relation to global warming technology assists a lot in helping maintain the planet earth. Technology has come up with global warming mitigation that reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released to the atmosphere. On the other hand, technology has contributed to increased adverse effects on the earth. Some technologies like use of fertilizer in farming have increased the rate of globalization. However, scientists have introduced new methods of capturing the excess nitrogen and recycling it to prevent it from concentrating in the earth surface (United States Department of Energy, Office of Fossil Energy, n.d).


            Global warming has a very big impact towards the living standards of both human beings and animals. Global warming is caused by excessive carbon dioxide in the atmosphere resulting from human activities that bring about climate change. Human beings have the responsibility of reducing the rate of global warming through adapting the measures given by various environmental specialists in preventing the problem of global warming. It is seen that technology plays a significant role in reducing the rate of climate change and greenhouse gas emission. Moreover, technology has brought about various measures that aim at reducing the amount of greenhouse gas production to the atmosphere

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