globalization dynamics

At a time when globalization dynamics have culminated in increased competition between companies across the globe, it has become vitally important for employees to acquaint themselves with basic skills and information that can enable them to compete in a favorable manner. Currently, it can not be disputed that companies prefer exceptional employees that have sound academic and professional qualifications to fill up important financial related positions in their companies.

Specifically, knowledge of the market operations and critical understanding of technological developments is very elemental. Notably, these fundamental skills can only be attained through pursuance of higher education. The vital skills that I have attained at a bachelors level are limited and greatly undermine my competitiveness in this field. Attaining more skills is therefore important for enhancement of performance. It is for this reason that it has become increasingly important to pursue higher education at a post graduate level.

The diverse courses undertaken at an undergraduate level empowered me with vital problem solving skills that are critical in accounting. In addition, the analytic and critical skills attained at this level have been very instrumental in enabling me to make vital decisions that are related to financial accounting. These have also played an important role in inculcating in me an ideal personality that is fundamental for initiating and maintaining good inter personal relationships. At this juncture, it is worth noting that such skills are at the core of organizational teamwork.

Teamwork was a virtue that the work environment at Australia and New Zealand Banking group limited exposed me to through promotion of an understanding of the relations between individuals as well as department. This was particularly vital especially considering the fact that the relative organizational operations were international. This contributed significantly to my development of a genuine interest in the global financial world. Of great importance have been the teaching practices that I assumed as a part time hobby. They have equipped me with vital communication skills that are imperative for any form of leadership. The interplay of all these skills provides a basement upon which viable decision making with regards to business and financial management is based.

Active participation in collection and analysis of vital data at the China Development Bank provided me with a chance to develop vital research and critical analysis skills. Nurturance of this at a higher educational level would possibly culminate in development of vital skills that can benefit the institution through academic research at this level. Further, the participation in weekly meetings that sought to identify and discuss various objectives of the China development Bank equipped me with the ability to spot and recognize various discrepancies that are related to finance and accounting. Perhaps the group characteristic group environment was the most beneficial because of its ability to enhance adaptability and sharpen my communication skills that characterized good leadership.

The active involvement in physical exercises at the Bath gym club has equally been beneficial as I have had a chance to not only enhance my academic skills but also my physical wellbeing. In addition to instilling a sense of team work, participation in other co curricular activities has also enabled me to interact with various individuals at different levels. This is important in nurturing harmonic co existence with persons from a diverse environment especially considering the fact that the current business environment is very diversified.

I specifically chose to apply for my post graduate degree in this particular University because I have a clear understanding of the operations in the same. This is because I pursued my undergraduate studies in the same and as such, I am well versed with the teaching methods, learning facilities and the structure of the curriculum. Notably, this would enhance my adaptation to the environment.  Most importantly, the institution has ideal technological advancement and sufficient resources that enhance effective learning. Further, I chose to pursue Accounting and Finance at a post graduate level because of my desire to deepen my understanding and knowledge in this area. In addition, the structure f the course is attractive as relative courses like corporate finance and accounting are related to the course I took at the undergraduate level. The advanced ones like financial engineering would enable me to sharpen vital skills in this course accordingly.

Financial accounting is a course that requires sound knowledge, skills and education in order to enhance executive functioning of an individual. It is an attractive course that exposes an individual to the dynamic nature of the business world. The relative skills are not only important in leadership but are also vital in general business management. The field experience exposed me to the real work environment and enhanced my performance at the corporate level. Of great importance is the fact that it made me to understand and appreciate my weakness in this area of study. It is for this reason that I find it viable to pursue higher education at this institution in order to deepen my knowledge that is critical for improved performance and competitiveness in the job environment.

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