Revision of Order #491379746 More detail in the instruction doc. I will send all

Revision of Order #491379746
More detail in the instruction doc.
I will send all instructor feedback updates if there are any.
Complete and write all the missing in order #491379746, this is all the Crib sheet. Feasibility report essential issues below:
(Abstract: summarise the whole report and state key findings (value) of the report
List of tables, formulas and figures
Purpose, what will be done, structure of the report
General information
Description of the product (acetic acid (AA)), chemical and physical properties
Discussion, explanation with examples, of the uses acetic acid – examples provided are
comprehensive, and drawn from multiple sources.
Marketing research: market size, market trends, market share of the future plant (design
intent), price for the AA
Identify location for your plant based on marketing information: country and
brownfield/greenfield construction
Plant working mode: design intent, batch or continuous
Literature review of all existing methods of production of AA: feedstock, conditions, yield,
final products, efficiency. May or may not include chemical reactions
Pre-selection of methods of production for future analysis: explain why some technologies
are NOT plausible, choose not more than 4 methods for further detailed analysis and
Technical feasibility
For each pre-selected method
– Chemical equations: stoichiometry, raw materials’ demand, interim and auxiliary
components, yield, selectivity and conversion. Attention to units!
– Energy balance and thermodynamics
– Manufacturing process description: process block diagram, operation units, process
Compare technical aspects of methods of production, select the best one.
Environmental feasibility
– Find safety data sheets for final products and raw and interim components for each
method, identify risk management measures
– Energy efficiency for each method
– Compare ecology and safety for each methods of production
Economical feasibility
– Prices for final products and by-products, feedstock and interim and/or auxiliary
components (design intent) for each method
– CAPEX and OPEX, cash flow
– IRR and NPV
– Compare economic efficiency of each method of production
Conclusion: selection of technology for further development)
This Design Project is to design a process plant for the production of acetic acid as defined in the Design Intent. In this first assessment, all students are required to prepare an individual report to review the possible process routes for acetic acid on the basis of their technical, safety, environmental and economic viability.
The marking criteria is defined in detail in the attached rubric. Attributes assessed in the marking rubric include:
➢ Possible process routes for the production of acetic acid
➢ Consideration of safety, environment and sustainability for each process route
➢ Possible technical and commercial applications of acetic acid, including market demand
➢ A cost estimation for acetic acid production
➢ A Net Present Value calculation for acetic acid production
In Trimester one, you will be required to produce a feasibility report on a process route for the production of acetic acid. This should address the following issues:
* Is the chosen route technically viable?
* Is the chosen route environmentally viable?
* Is the chosen route economically viable?
Submission of a Feasibility report consisting of the technical, environmental and the economic viability of the chosen process route for the production of acetic acid. The details of assignment one can be found .

The post Revision of Order #491379746
More detail in the instruction doc.
I will send all
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