Assumptions for this Assignment: What threat has occurred? (i.e., wha

Assumptions for this Assignment:

What threat has occurred? (i.e., what type specifically)

What should be your next actions to recover from this incident? (Hint: TestOut 8.3.2) (Also I did not speak of which cryptographic protocol this was, so you do not need to address those kinds of threats, this should help eliminate some)

Requirements for this Report:

The report must include a cover page (Name, section, institution, and date)

The report must be at least two pages, and at most three pages in length.

-This does not include the cover page (I.E., cover page, then two to three pages of content, double-spaced)

The report must be Times New Roman, 12-point, double-spaced, 1-inch margins.

This report must be a word document, or I will not accept it.

The report must address the correct threat which has occurred.

The report must include three actions to recover from the incident and you must describe them in technical detail, and how they help attribute to recovery and hardening.

-Example: MAC address filtering would help if any unrecognized devices connected to the network, so even if an incident like this happens and credentials are stolen, this device would not be able to connect…. You may use this example but must add more content and clarification to it.

I am not requiring any references for this assignment, so you do not need a references page.

Here is an example outline for the report (This is good to note)

Cover Page

Introduction (1 full paragraph)

Action (Control 1) (1 full paragraph)

Action (Control 2) (1 full paragraph)

Action (Control 3) (1 full paragraph)

Conclusion (1 full paragraph)

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What threat has occurred? (i.e., wha appeared first on Skilled Papers.





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