AVIA 5008 – Assignment

Submission: End of Week 6 – Sunday April 17,

Weighting: 20%

Length: 1200 words (±10% is OK)

Please choose between one of the topics:

This is about the cooperation between human operators and technology in the aviation environment:

Different levels of automation in ATC systems can have advantages and disadvantages from a Human Factors (HF) perspective. Discuss the arguments in support of high and/or low automation levels, using actual examples in which Automation /HF issues have been a contributing factor towards accidents or incidents in aviation.


This is about the application of Human Factors in incident/ accident investigations In the past, following investigations of incidents and accidents in the aviation environment, it was often concluded that pilot /controller error was the main contributing factor. In investigations today, some experts say that the operator’s fatal action is only the consequence of a system design that is leading the operator to make a mistake.

What is your view on this? Please provide with an example to support your view.

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