Description: This is a group assignment. The aim is to get you thinking about an

This is a group assignment. The aim is to get you thinking about and discussing the role stories have played in creating the world of the past and, importantly, in terms of this course, the role they will play in creating the world of the future. The research you undertake for this assignment will help you understand the dominant stories that have shaped/created the world as you understand it. The term story can be interpreted in a number of ways – but in essence all attempts by humans to understand and express how the world around us operates can be thought of as stories – narratives that explain cause and effect, how something can be be, who we are, and where we might possibly be headed.
Presentation and Submission
The assignment . However you will be required to present your map to the class on either the 13th or the 16th of December (Week 15). The presentation carries no grade, however it allows me to give you live feedback on your map, so that you can incorporate any suggestions/changes before submission.
The mind map should be done using miro website
Detailed Description
As you are no doubt aware, the world does not simply ‘exist’; it does not just happen by accident. It is a product of the way we think, the values we have, the relationships we form, the ways in which we try to create a ‘good’ life and our hopes and fears for the future – the stories we create, and tell, about the world. Importantly, this assignment will show you that all of the grand challenges we face as a species are the result of the stories we live by. In addition, this assignment will help you understand that if you want to create a new world, then you need to start telling new stories – new stories will create new futures.
This assignment requires you to create an annotated Concept Map which identifies a maximum of ten stories (please do 6 stories only not 10) that have been instrumental in creating today’s world. You can make your Concept Map specific to a country or to the world as a whole. You can also focus on those stories that have directly impacted your life. Please make sure you explain the context of your Concept Map either on the Concept Map itself or in the addendum. By context, I mean explain if you are focusing on a specific country or on stories that have affected you personally.
Obviously, there are countless stories to choose from and it is your job to identify stories that you think have been most instrumental in creating the world of today. A very good Mind Map will attempt to draw links between the different stories. Importantly, in addition to identifying the stories, you will be expected to provide a short written statement of why you consider the stories you have chosen to be important. You can include these reasons as annotations on your Concept Map, or as an addendum to your Map.
Methods for creating the Maps will be explained in class. Some of the possible stories that could be included, will also be explored.
The stories we believe in collectively have shaped the world of the past and will shape the world of the future. Capitalism, for example, is a story that is based on the belief that the means of production should be in private ownership and should operate for profit. Religious beliefs are stories shared by those who believe in the same god or deity. As we know, religion has had a huge impact on the world of yesterday and today.
The stories we tell ourselves about our superiority over the more-than-human world (nature) has allowed us to exploit Earth’s resources with impunity and has resulted in climate change and the sixth mass extinction. The poor treatment of indigenous peoples around the world is a result of stories we have told about their lives being outdated and archaic and of little relevance or importance to modern, western notions of progress.
The human belief in progress is perhaps the most important story of all; it dictates much of human behaviour and drives our economic and political systems. It is important to remember that everything we see happening in the world is the result of a story. These stories have shaped the world and these are the types of stories I’d like you to explore in this assignment.
Grading Criteria (what constitutes a good assignment?): A good assignment will:
1) Be highly creative in presentation;
2) Show evidence of engaged and creative thought;
3) Demonstrate clear, analytical and critical thinking around complex issues; demonstrate a clear understanding of the dominant stories that have shaped the past;
4) Demonstrate that research has been undertaken in order to identify the dominant stories;
be clearly expressed; and
5) Demonstrate rational and independent analysis.
Referencing in this assignment is only required if you take ideas directly from another source or you use quotes in your annotation/addendum. Due to the nature of the assignment, a reference list is not required unless you have borrowed from other sources.
Some useful video links:

Maps presented by previous cohorts:

P.S: please upload the miro file of the mind map, as well as a seperate word document briefly explaining your mind map presentation. Please don’t do more of then
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This is a group assignment. The aim is to get you thinking about an
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