Do my PowerPoint about a hookah lounge business in New York. First slide: Inclid

Do my PowerPoint about a hookah lounge business in New York.
First slide: Inclide the name of the company, logo and contact information. Pay attention to the slide design. Consider putting the name and company on every slide
Slide 2: Company purpose/ description. One sentence to describe the company. Compare with a known brand.
Slide 3: The problem Need. Describe the problem that your company is solving. Describe how the problem is currently being solved by other companies. Prove to the audience that the problem is a big one.
Slide 4: The solution is your value proposition, offer a live demonstration, show prototype or a picture of a prototype: For web-based solutions, show a mock landing page. Another option is to show a use case.
Slide 5: Why now? Convince the audience: Timing is just right. Point out trends or changes.
Slide 6: Market Opportunity. It is important to think the TAM, SAM and SOM through. Investors will be unable to see the growth potential unless you prove.
Slide 7: Getting customers: Estimate the figures in geographic area. Demonstrate an understanding of the customers: Who they are? How you will reach them? How much they will pay? How you intend to keep the coming back?
Slide 8: Competitors Analysis & Differentiation. Strong Analysis to show competitive advantage. -The competitive grid analysis compares to significant competitors.
Pricing, capacity, location and other attributes play an important role.
Slide 9: Traction: Work done to date to build the venture. Investors want the actions taken to construct the venture and the milestones achieved. Includes recognition and press. Include your future milestones: Expansion.
Slide 10: Financials. Understand potential profit and loss – Highlight key drivers of revenue and expenses. Show revenue projections. -Best,worst and likely case scenarios. -For at least three years.
Slide 11: Team:- List of all team members. -Include the names of the advisory board.
Slide 12: Call to action : Always have a call to action. -Investors: Plan to use the money. -Classmates: Feedback. -Professors: Advice

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First slide: Inclid
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