I have attached files for the rubric/instructions of this assignment (please don

I have attached files for the rubric/instructions of this assignment (please don’t worry about the ‘walkthrough/mockup’)

as well as my project outline so you have something to go off of.

Here are the instructions –

Write a narrative proposal for a monument or a memorial that commemorates a historically significant person, event, or movement. The narrative should include the following sections:

Abstract (1 paragraph)

Humanities Content (3-4 paragraphs)

Describe the significance of the subject and its relevance to the public.

Provide historical themes articulating the analytical ideas the project will convey.

Theme statements reach beyond a list of topics to demonstrate the larger critical idea you want audiences to understand. Follow your theme statement with a supporting argument that uses project content, examples drawn from project resources, and the historical scholarship (published books, and journals) that has shaped your thinking.

Project Format (3-4 paragraphs)

Briefly describe the interpretive philosophy that guides the project.

Explain how you will organize the monument or memorial and discuss the interpretive methods it will employ to engage the general audience. Provide specific examples of techniques you have designed for use in the project.

Audience (2 paragraphs)

Describe and estimate the size of the expected audience and explain the basis for this number.

Describe your strategies for establishing productive connections in the community. Explain how you will engage new audiences in thinking about and discussing collective historical memory.

Evaluation (1 paragraph)

Describe how you will know that the project is effective.

Do not worry about funding, staffing, or technical feasibility.

Narratives should be no more than 6 pages double spaced.

I am looking for a minimum of 10 paragraphs following the rubric.

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