Influencer marketing, more than advertisement?




This book chapter should discuss the role on influencer marketing nowadays. Based on the attached researches normal “influencers” actually became
nothing more than advertising platforms as the “influence” disappeared. Mainly nano- and micro-influencers who know their follwers personally have a real
influence on the purchase decision of their followers. Therefore, the search of these real influencers (with the help of big data analytics and AI) is the current
challenge for social media marketing.
Additionally, in social media marketing, companies should not try to get customers engae on their social media sites (mainly lovers and haters engage on
company’s social media accounts) but should rather go where their (potential) customers engage (crowd culture). Red Bull is an excellent example as they
identified the gamer community as potential customers and engaged with them on gaming forms by identifying on the gaming forums influencers.
This book chapter should cover these two topics, should not follow the typical academic essay format but rather jump directly into discussion and then

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