What would spirituality be according to your own worldview? How do you believe t

What would spirituality be according to your own worldview? How do you believe that your conception of spirituality would influence the way in which you care for patients?
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Example (T)
An individual’s point of view when understanding their own personal experiences describe what a worldview is (Bogue & Hogan, 2020). This incorporates an individual’s ideas and interpretations regarding what reality is. Everyone has a worldview whether they understand it or not. According to the authors, a worldview is a philosophical and intellectual lens by which an individual views and makes interpretations. This is also used to help the individual identify how people gain knowledge and understand what is thought to be true about others, oneself, and the world. An individual’s worldview identifies how they do and do not find meaning and value throughout their life. Spirituality is a concept of humanity that relates to the dynamic and intrinsic aspects that it encompasses. It is expressed through beliefs and values regarding life’s meaning and purpose while navigating relationship experiences within themselves, loved ones, society, and nature.
Spirituality in clinical practice and health care allows providers to make better treatment decisions regarding patient care (Maldonado, 2021). Patients often benefit from the use of spirituality in health care due to the humanizing experience that they may encounter when receiving care. This is also important when incorporating the patient’s values and beliefs into their plan of care. Spirituality, according to my worldview, is the incorporation of healing through individualized care plans that enable the patient to uphold their values and beliefs into their health care experience. This should also be done while maintaining a safe and therapeutic environment. When caring for my patients, I believe this is incredibly important to ensure that the patient is being heard and that their wishes are being acknowledged. This also allows me to understand that each patient is unique and requires individualized care. Having a patient-centered mindset allows me to take into consideration the person as an individual while eliminating task-oriented patient care. Knowing that patients have varying point of views, beliefs, and values enable me to design care plans according to their preferences.
Bogue, D. & Hogan, M., (2020). Foundational Issues in Christian Spirituality and Ethics. In Grand Canyon University (Ed.), Practicing Dignity: An Introduction to Christian Values and Decision Making in Health Care. https://lc.gcumedia.com/phi413v/practicing-dignity-an-introduction-to-christian-values-and-decision-making-in-health-care/v1.1/#/chapter/1
Maldonado, A. (2021). Spirituality and health. Harvard Medical School Primary Care Review. https://info.primarycare.hms.harvard.edu/review/sp…
Example (B)
Bogue defines spirituality as a “dynamic and intrinsic aspect of humanity through which persons seek ultimate meaning, purpose, and transcendence, and experience relationship to self, family, others, community, society, nature, and to the significant or sacred” (2020). However, spirituality is expressed in a variety of forms across many diverse practices, beliefs, and relationships with the surrounding world. Some practice their spirituality by meditating, praying, gathering for specific celebrations, and connections. According to my Theism world view, spirituality is my connection to my soul and god. I practice connection by spending time in nature, connecting with friends and family, celebrating Christian holidays, and seeking prayer when I feel ungrounded. My concept of spirituality influences the way I care for patients because according to my worldview, everyone has value and is worth caring for. No matter the prior choices made, the hurtful words, lack of respect, lack of self-value, or apathy I continue to care for patients like they have ultimate value. When advocating for autonomy and quality care I have noticed that I tend to take on a “momma bear” approach. I think I am honestly assessing the “why” in this while I’m writing this discussion.
Bogue, D. (2020). Foundational Issues in Christian Spirituality and Ethics. In M. Hogan (Ed.), Practicing Dignity: An Introduction to Christian Values and Decision Making in Health Care (1st ed.)

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