Digital marketing campaign



Prepare and develop a digital marketing campaign for a brand of their choice using knowledge introduced in the module. The project
should follow the sections of the SOSTAC plan. Students should pay particular attention to the feedback they received for the first attempt, as well as the
assessment requirements explained below.
SOSTAC plan:
Situation Analysis
• The Situation Analysis section works as the introduction to the chosen brand’s current online situation. You can use a SWOT analysis to do this or take a
more narrative approach. The situation analysis must also examine the online presence of immediate competitors (top 3 competitors) and demonstrate
awareness of the chosen brand’s digital capability.
• Objectives must be concrete (measurable) and indicate a time component. Objectives must provide clear links to the digital marketing strategies that will
be utilised in the next section.
• Strategies must consider the value proposition (VP) and/or online value proposition (OVP). Strategies must answer the first level of “how” regarding
proposed objectives as per the SOSTAC framework (i.e., how do we get there?).…
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