EBP QI project (Readmission Prevention)


In a paper of 6–8 pages, plus cover page and references page, include the following:
• Describe the three health care settings that you explored as proposed sites for an EBP QI project. For each health care setting, identify the following
defining features: patient population, mission, public or private entity, single institution or member of a corporation, and others you identify as significant.
• Compare the settings for strengths and weaknesses as sites for an EBP QI project. Be specific and provide examples.
• Explain the practice problems that you explored based on your interests and identified needs of the health care settings you investigated.
• Explain why each problem is a potential focus for an EBP QI project. Be specific and provide examples.
• For each health care setting, describe the stakeholders whose approval would be required to initiate an EBP QI project and implement the results.
• Compare similarities and differences in stakeholder requirements across the settings.
• Identify the one proposed health care setting/practice site and one proposed practice problem you have selected as the focus of a hypothetical
presentation to stakeholders, and explain your choices.

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