Group and Individual Communication

Individual and group communication can be used in several settings such as businesses, schools, social life, daily life, professional life and many more. In both cases, one must need the other. Group communication involves a group of individuals discussing or talking an issue. The group can be made up of one or more people with no specific limits to the maximum members or participants that the group can accommodate. Communication within a group can be focused on different things. A group may hold an intellectual discourse such as religion or politics or even something more mundane whereby there is a group leader who sets up the communication path for the group and does most of the talking. However, all the participants still get equal chances to communicate their opinions and ideas based on the subject being discussed and get the deserved audience. All the participants take turns in speaking.

On the other hand, individual communication is determined by how an individual chooses to present himself or herself in a group. It involves his ways of speaking, use of tone, use of words, and the tonal variations. Defensive attacking is also part of individual communication. This typically means that when one is involved in a group communication, he or she has to venter it on himself by winning the argument, having support on his or her side and ensuring nobody is against him or her. Individual communications are always extraneous in every aspect because every individual tries to assert his level of individuality to some degree. Some examples of unique challenges communicators experience when communicating with groups include: language barrier, personal issues, lack of feedback, language barrier, and having new members of the group (Petty & Cacioppo, 2012).

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