Operation Barbarossa and Germany’s Failure in The Soviet Union Case Study




Construct a case study in an essay format, using critical and creative thinking to answer the following: How did the actors in your assigned case study
exercise or fail to exercise the tenants of Multidomain Operations (MDO) and principles of mission command (MC) as outlined in Army Doctrine Publication
(ADP) 3-0 Operations and ADP 6-0 MC.
Four sections highlighted below are required in the assignment. The following format allows you to organize your thoughts in a logical sequence while
promoting clarity. The paper must follow American Psychological Association (APA) edition 7
Introduction – Here is where you will set the scene of your case study by providing some background information, relevant facts and discuss the key
problems and issues. Additionally your introduction should illustrate that you have researched the problems (MDO & MC) thoroughly and should lead into
your purpose statement or thesis. (Ex. The purpose of this case study is to demonstrate a comprehensive analysis of the concepts of Large Scale Combat
Operations and Mission Command.)
Body of the Paper (Analysis) – You should base this section on research, facts, logic, and your ideas about the application MDO and MC. The section should
flow from point to point with transitions between points. You may want to consider creating level 2 headers to distinguish your analysis of MDO and MC.…


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