Aerobic Metabolism



1. Describe what aerobic energy metabolism is, and what benefits this energy system has.
2. Discuss the Krebs Cycle and its role in energy metabolism.
3. Discuss the Electron Transport Chain and its role in energy metabolism.
4. Discuss the different energy sources (substrates) that can be used for energy production. Include What determines the energy yield for carbs, fats, and protein.
5. Outline how energy intensity and duration impact energy metabolism during and event.
6. What adaptations occur when a person improves fitness levels
7. How would you recommend a client maximize their recovery after exercise?
8. Discuss RER and how you could utilize this information.
9. Explain what training adaptations occur that allow an aerobically trained individual will utilize more fatty acids at the same absolute workload than a person that is not.
10. Define, Oxygen Debt, Steady State and Oxygen deficit
11. A client is wanting to improve their lactate threshold to improve their performance in aerobic activities. Do some research into this (cite at least 1 scholarly source). What recommendations would you make in programming to help your client achieve this.



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